Mobile Improvements

GOFreeCredit.com is a fully hosted conversion flow aimed at acquiring clients for TransUnion’s Credit Report Product. Mobile traffic to this flow increased dramatically and the existing version was dated and initially intended to handle mobile first.


Increase conversion by improving the quality of the users that come through, identifying areas of drop-off and improving usability.


Key Stats

1.2M visits/month

Increase in revenue month over month and has doubled revenue over 12 months

Primary designer (UX and UI)



We identified potential usability issues with our existing forms and pinpointed the exact form elements that could be causing frustration for our users. Using conventions and best practices, we adjusted the form elements in question and tested these with a small user base to compare the existing form against our new challenger form.


Visual Design

After testing our wireframes and verifying our hypothesis, we turned to a new, modern design to provide a trustworthy and clean approach to the visual design that would allow our users to feel confident in using our flow for sensitive information.



Even with the majority of traffic coming in from mobile devices, we wanted to maintain the responsiveness of the site and designed a companion experience to continue to capture conversions from our desktop user-base.


Existing Flow

Using a mobile first approach in this round has placed our large mobile user- base as our primary opportunity for improvement, along with refreshing the visual design to a modern look.



In a 12 month period, we doubled the revenue from this flow. We identified key areas of friction and made adjustments to reduce errors. Adjusting the visual design has enabled a trust in our flow that wasn’t there prior.

Areas addressed and tested:

  • Better hint text

  • Credit card form improvements

  • Spacing between form elements

  • Clarified form labels

  • Field pre-population

  • Clear error messages

  • Address autocomplete

  • Marketing message improved

  • Clear benefits