User Growth

Wikipay came to me as a redesign project with the goal of growing their user-base and making it easier to send and receive money from person to person. I worked with the CEO and Head of Product to outline the key areas of improvement as we worked to redesign the entire site and looked to build their very first mobile app.


Streamlined Account Creation

We removed over 6 form fields in order present the account creation screen as a friendly form that wasn’t intimidating to start. We also improved the messaging to be clear and concise.


Improved Error Messaging

While we addressed many of the intimidating issues with the initial sign up screen, we also improved the error states for the form. This meant providing meaning error messages and present them in a manner that would be obvious to the user where the issues were encountered.


Simplified Account Linking

One of the many challenges in any online banking product is getting users to link their bank accounts to their online tools. We simplified this process by providing only what was needed. We also provided hints and helpful imagery to avoid errors and frustration, thereby increasing bank linkage.



Part of the redesign was the creation of a dashboard. This dashboard provided a summary of information that users said they needed most with clear actions for next steps.

Send and Receive Listing View

Send and Receive Listing View

Transaction List View

Transaction List View